1. Are your cakes Halal?

Our cakes are not halal certified however they do not contain pork or lard and our equipments are brand new. Do note that we operate from a domestic kitchen.

2. I would like to customise a cake, how do I place an order?

Please purchase a “design discussion” from our main menu and we will get back to you via Instagram DM within 48 hours.

3. Do you have bigger cakes? 

We only have 4” cakes at the moment.

4. Can I do self collection?

We do not offer self collection. Only delivery is available. 

5. Able to squeeze in my order?

Blocked dates = fully booked

6. Is there a delivery charge?

Delivery charge is $10/- and will be reflected after the delivery date is selected when you check out.

 7. What frosting do you use?

We use Swiss meringue buttercream for our frosting.

8. Do you have gluten-free cakes?

 We do not have gluten-free cakes